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The small baroque town, Tata, which has a population of 24.000, lies near the Vienna-Budapest Highway. Its favourable natural conditions have made its surroundings populated since ancient times. Outstanding figures of its rich past are the renaissance monarchs who once had the lakeside castle built and the Count Eszterházy family took possession of the town in the 18th century and it was them who fashioned it after the baroque model. By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century it had become a fashionable holiday resort for the inhabitants of Budapest. This era brought a major industrial development for the town. Nowadays the structure of the town has changed to meet the demands of our era and it has become one of the most attractive settlements in its neighbourhood.

Its vast lakes and popular bath offer entertainment for the lovers of water sports and angling, while its charming parks entice lovers of nature. The town radiates its charm in every season but the most exciting season is summer because of the numerous cultural festivals like open-air concerts, sport programs. High-standard hotels, campsites, restaurants and cafés await Tata's visitors.

The management of the Industrial Park, as well as the self-government of Tata, follow the historical traditions of the town, welcome high-standard initiations and play an active role in helping interested people to recognize and utilize the opportunities of the town.

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