2890 Tata, Barina u. 9.
Telefon: +36 34 480-208
Fax: +36 34 480-206

Tata Industrial and Logistical Park


Tata may be approached by public roads, railroads and also by water. This small town is situated near M1, the highway connecting Budapest and Vienna. It's 60 km far from Budapest and 180 km from the Austrian capital city. Both capital cities have a direct and quick access by air. (Ferihegy and Schwechat.) An international railroad also crosses the town. The proximity of international Danubian ports is also a crucial factor. Gönyü and Budapest is only 60 km away but Almásfüzitő is even closer (15 km). From a logistical point of view, the Austrian and Slovakian borders are alluringly close. The estate is situated in the focal point of regional motor industrial investments.

The acreage of the industrial park is provided with excellent logistic connections. In the south it is bordered by Highway M1 and in the west the Győr-Tata national thoroughfare guarantees a direct access.

The properties are situated right at the Tata exit of M1 and they may be well used for both industrial and economic development purposes on account of their favourable position.

Because of its situation and enormous grounds, its favourable logistical and transportation potentials, Tata Industrial and Logistical Park is excellent for stand-alone manufacturers, service provider and supplier companies to settle or for the establishment of commercial and distribution centres and warehouses.