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Tata Industrial and Logistical Park

Lay-out plan

The area has a valid lay-out plan at its disposal whose major parameters are the following. The entire text of the lay-out plan and its map can be viewed as an appendix.

  • Minimum size of establishable plots: 3000 m2
    • minimum width: 400 m
    • minimum depth: 75 m
  • Building in:
    • minimum length of front garden: 10m
    • minimum length of side yard: 10 m
    • minimum length of back yard: 20m
    • the 45 per cent of building-over does not include paved traffic areas.
    • the proportion of the landscape area is 25 per cent, therefore the building and the paved areas can take up only 75 per cent of the plot.
    • there is no limitation on the stretch of the building compared to the dimensions of the plot. The allowed ground-space is defined by the sizes of the front, side and back yards and the surface level indicator of the area which is 1.0.
  • The height of the buildings' specified for the area (10,5-12 m).
Tata South Industrial Park, TESCO and their neighbourhood