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Tata Industrial and Logistical Park


Drinking-water, water provision

The drinking water supply of the area can be provided by the industrial water line NA200 KM PVC (static pressure 3.5-5.5 bar) supplying the industrial park. A fire-extinguishing water network may also be connected to this delivery pipe. Assuming a steady daily water consumption in Tata Industrial Park, the North-Transdanubian Waterworks (Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt., Tatabánya) is able to provide an amount of 600m3/d.


The resulting communal sewage water can simply run into the NA 300 and NA 200 KG sewer which are directly connected to the central lifting installation. The provider is Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt., Tatabánya.

Rainwater drainage

The Pokker dűlő water course and its two branches cross the industrial park in the thalwegs (valley lines) of the land. The built-in concrete ditch NA 1200 collects the precipitation of the area which runs through a water-bar under Kocsi road into the nearest collector.

Natural gas supply

A 3700 m long individual delivery pipe with mean effective pressure was built from the Tata gas receiver station up to the boundaries of the Industrial Park. The amount of gas that can be issued from this pipe is 4500 Nm3/h. A D 110 delivery pipe with small and mean effective pressure (a nominal pressure of 3 bar) was built within the boundaries of the industrial park. At present, an amount of 4,200 m3/h can be issued. Pmin=2.5 bar. The service is provided by É-Gáz Rt, Győr.


The electric supply of the area can be provided from three directions. 5 MW can be tapped from the 20 KV open cable which passes over the area. In case of further demand of electric power, it can be provided by a new distributing point substation of 132/33kV with the help of an underground cable that reaches the area of Tata Industrial Park. This kind of substation is able to provide 20MW of energy. The network is run and owned by E-ON Észak-dunántúli Áramszolgáltató Rt.

Plot restructuring

Plot restructuring can only be carried out according to the currently prevalent regulation plan. It may be universally laid down that north to the track of the 'Ring', plots of land of 3.000 m2, in the proximation of Kocsi road, Part I of the Industrial Park and Tatai Mg. Rt. plots of land of 10.000 m2 may be created. (minimum size) The plots of land may be merged, therefore several big joint plots may be created.


The so-called 'structural roads' were laid down on the territory of the Industrial Park. ( The track of the 'Ring' with a width of 24m, an access road to Kocsi road, a structural road parallel with Kocsi road and another structural road leading across under M1 with a width of 16m.) The private roads leading to the individual plots were also created with a width of 16m in accordance with the actual plot sectioning.