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Tata Industrial and Logistical Park


The Domestic Regional Development effort of encouraging the creation of industrial parks was favourable to both the economy and the population as all industrial activities were moved from the heart of the city to industrial zones which are logistically favourable locations with modern infrastructure.

As a result of the above mentioned things a more than 320-acre big industrial park has been established between the highway and the town in the south-west precincts of Tata. The aim was to develop plots of land for industrial and logistic use and that those patches could be built up with advantageous parameters, provided with infrastructure and sold for fair use, right along the highway in an easily accessible area and as a green zone project.

In 2003, the area won the tender called by the Ministry for Economy and Transport for the right of using the title 'industrial park'. Herewith, Tata Industrial and Logistics Park was established and the companies settling here became entitled to the appropriation of their allowances.

In 2000, during Part I of the industrialization, the Self-government of Tata made use of its 2-acre properties and provided them with public utilities. Nowadays, these properties make up the core of the industrial park.

In 2006, GEDIA Kft. purchased 17 acres for manufacturing investment and this marked the beginning of Green Zone Part II with selling and providing public utilities

Nowadays, providing public utilities and regional development is accomplished by Barina Kft. This industrial company, which also owns some real estate in the area, was founded in October, 2006, by private individuals.