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In spring, 2010, the building of a 1200-meter long road-section began. This section may create new opportunities for Tata Industrial Park. Although the area of the Industrial park is situated right along Highway M1, one was able to approach it only from the south part of the town.

The hirer companies of the industrial park are going to become most easily approachable, thanks to Barina Kft's success in tender KDOP-1.1.1/A-09-2009-0001 (subsidy: 197 251 756 Ft) (Barina Kft. is the developer of Tata Industrial Park.) This so called 'Ring' is going to make it possible to build a direct public road connection to the Tata highway junction. Beside a heavy-duty road, also public lighting, a cycle path and pavement are going to be established to encourage pedestrian and cycle traffic. In compliance with the demands and the aesthetics of the 21st century, public utilities are going to run underground with the help of a closed wide-diameter gutter.

The road, whose technical deliverance and acceptance is expected to happen in October, is not only important because it creates a really favourable logistic situation for both Hungarian and foreign investors but industrial traffic is going to be kept away from the south part of the town to reduce noise and other pollution.

Industrial Park - developing the infrastructure 2010.

Development of factories in the Industrial Park